Website Design

A refined process distilled from working with large clients.

We want small businesses and start ups to benefit from all the web goodness that’s enjoyed by larger businesses with big budgets. We’ve worked on many large projects and we’ve tried to take the essential parts of the process and deliver these (and only these) to you at a reduced cost. We leapfrog the unnecessary and focus on the critical elements of your project to bring you amazing web design at a sensible price.

Our process

Here are the steps of our process that enables us to deliver fantastic solutions at an amazing price.


Web map, Wireframe, Timeline


Initial mock ups


Quickly get into browser to see across all devices


The core install and development of functions and features

Content input

Assist with organising and applying the content


Cross browser and performance testing


Switch the DNS to launch the website

Post launch analytics

Set up Google Analytics and Web Master Tool

Provide training

Give you everything you need to mange your new web solution

Responsive prototypes

It’s important that you understand how your site is going to look on all devices. We therefore break out of Photoshop mock ups very early in the process. Photoshop mock ups don’t cut the mustard on a number of levels. We want you to get a true feel for how your website will behave, in a browser on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

know what you’re getting

Once you have approved the site on all devices we can then move to the next stage – and built it!

Apply designs to a dependable cms

A Content Management System (CMS) will enable you to edit the content throughout your website. We work predominantly with WordPress. There are so many reasons to choose WordPress as your CMS. Read a few reasons why we recommend WordPress as the engine behind your web solution.

We will need to develop a bespoke theme based on the prototype that was signed off in the last phase. We will then also have to build on top of WordPress any functions or features that are specific you your project.


Always under-estimated. We therefore start helping you gather and organise content very early in the process. From the web map you’ll know what pages are needed. These will either be taken from an existing site, or be written in Word or often a bit of both. We can advise on writing style, tone of voice and optimising the content for search engines.

Testing and quality assurance

We go to great lengths to ensure your website works as expected on the numerous platforms, devices and browsers available. We can also provide user testing and performance testing to make sure you get the best possible outcome from your investment.

Post launch activities

Our job doesn’t end once the website launches. We set up analytics to help us monitor the websites performance, understand what’s working. We can then make recommendations and evolve the website.

We can also assist with how best to leverage Web Master Tools to monitor how Google is interacting with your website. This is very important when it comes to search engine optimisation. Web Master Tools will show us how the site is being crawled by Google – highlighting if there are any issues and recommending how these might be fixed.

We’re pretty good at this and can prove it!

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