Introducing Woocommerce at last! eCommerce that doesn’t look ugly!

That’s right, we can easily add eCommerce functionality to your WordPress website. Traditionally this was not possible, and then along came Woocommerce! This has allowed us to put the fun back into eCommerce. We can create slick, interactive online stores using the WordPress tools we all know and love to provide an elegant, cost effective eCommerce website.

Woocommerce features


Cash on Delivery
Lots of specific payment gateways


Free shipping
Flat rate shipping
Table rate shipping through shipping extensions


Easily manage your digital or physical products
Rest assured your shop will scale with your growth
Assign store managers to handle the day to day inventory management


Keep a birds-eye view of incoming sales & reviews, stock levels & general store performance


Run complex coupon campaigns
Offer a range of discount options


Configure tax settings with tax classes & local tax rates.

Increase your reach, start trading online today

Let’s get you selling online. It’s not that difficult or expensive so why not put your products at people finger tips 24/7. It might just transform your business! Why not get in touch and arrange to visit us to discuss your needs and what we can offer.