We all know that trading on the high street has been tough over the last few years. Maybe it’s time to consider online trading. It’s possibly more straight forward and affordable than you think!

Are you a small business and considering online trading? Taking this step might sound daunting and expensive – but it doesn’t have to be.

Maybe it’s time to explore another sales channel. One that increases your reach, stays open 24/7 and with very low overheads.

WordPress is a very popular content management system and it’s probably the most affordable way to get your website on the internet with simple administration tools to help you manage the sites content. Did you know that now there’s a plugin for WordPress that extends the core installation to to feature ecommerce. It’s called Woocommerce and we’ve been very impressed it since starting to use it around 2 years ago.

Traditionally WordPress wasn’t great at eCommerce. You had WPcommerce and a couple of other plugins that we tried but it really didn’t deliver some of the core features you need to eCommerce. Sure that had catalogue management tools but what about more sophisticated challenges that present online trading such as real-time shipping, discount codes, promotions, discounts based on what’s in the basket and pushing users through to a mailing list subscription. The fact is that there is much more to trading effectively online than just putting your products on your website. It’s about marketing your products and delivering great customer service and loyalty.

Also we found that eCommerce solutions often dictate the websites look and feel. Remember the days of the original OScommerce? eCommerce sites just all look plain ugly, clunky even. And if you thought they looked ugly on the front end you should have seen the admin page! We’ve found that Woocommerce allows us complete freedom to create whatever designs we like. We don’t have to think about any constraints when it comes to templates or layouts. We really can flex our creative muscles and produce unique online shopping experiences – something we feel has been lacking in eCommerce solution for quite some time.